Spyros Tserkis

I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard and a member of Prof. Narang's group. I'm interested broadly in quantum information theory. More specifically, my research focuses on quantum correlations and quantum communication.

Before joining Harvard in Fall 2021, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT and the Australian National University. I received a PhD in Quantum Information from the University of Queensland in 2020, an MSc in Physics from Imperial College London in 2015, and a BSc in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2013.


  • Quantifying entanglement in two-mode Gaussian states

    S. Tserkis and T. C. Ralph

    Phys. Rev. A 96, 062338 (2017)

  • Simulation of Gaussian channels via teleportation and error correction of Gaussian states

    S. Tserkis, J. Dias, and T. C. Ralph

    Phys. Rev. A 98, 052335 (2018)

  • Maximum entanglement of formation for a two-mode Gaussian state over passive operations

    S. Tserkis, J. Thompson, A. P. Lund, T. C. Ralph, P.-K. Lam, M. Gu, and S. M. Assad

    Phys. Rev. A 102, 052418 (2020)

  • Optimal probes for continuous variable quantum illumination
    M. Bradshaw, L. O. Conlon, S. Tserkis, M. Gu, P.-K. Lam, S. M. Assad
    Phys. Rev. A 103, 062413 (2021)


Entanglement theory and its applications in Gaussian quantum information
Supervised by T. C. Ralph and A. P. Lund
The University of Queensland (2020)


Entanglement of formation for two-mode Gaussian states

von Neumann entropies for two-mode Gaussian states

Logarithmic negativity for two-mode Gaussian states

Standard form for a covariance matrix of a two-mode Gaussian state

Gaussian relative entropy of entanglement for two-mode Gaussian states

Random two-mode Gaussian states

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